4 February 2009

Toad Crossings mapped in Google Earth

The UK’s 700 ‘Toad Crossings’ have been satellite-mapped for the first time, allowing conservationists and volunteers an opportunity to discover more about nearby locations where amphibians are killed on roads on their migration to breeding ponds in spring.

Using Google Earth, members of the public can find out more about amphibian crossings locally, including information on whether the crossing is active and how many toads were rescued in spring 2008.

Froglife is encouraging new volunteers to get involved in the Toads on Roads campaign, now that the amphibian breeding season has begun in some parts of the country.

Interested members of the public can help by:

  • Helping toads cross roads at some sites (and collecting important data in the process).

  • Updating our records - informing us if toads still cross at sites registered over the past twenty years.

  • Informing us of new Toad Crossing sites – last year we registered 36 new sites.

35,183 amphibians were carried across UK roads by volunteer ‘Toad Patrollers’ in 2008, supported by ARG UK (Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK) volunteers.

To view the Google Earth map and find out more about Toads on Roads: www.froglife.org/toadsonroads