20 September 2012

Craft a Cresty: 10 Days to Go!

The countdown continues for our Great Crafted Newt competition, with the deadline at midnight on Sunday the 30th of September. With the aim to celebrate newts and raise funds to conserve them and other amazing amphibians, the competition is open to all ages and all types of arts and crafts. If you have a newt in progress or an idea for a crafty creation, it’s time to get a wiggle on! 
A needle felt newt by Laura Brady
 Prizes include craft goodies, books by Mike Dilger and Hugh Warwick, and the chance to have your creation turned into a greetings card or a toy.

“Newts are really intriguing little animals,” adds Sam Taylor, Froglife’s Communications Coordinator. “They are a key species in the British landscape, and pop up in stories like ‘Matilda’ and ‘Jeeves and Wooster.’ They are a bit neglected I think, with frogs getting a lot more attention, but they have a fascinating lifecycle and play their part in pond ecology, as well as terrestrial habitats.”
 Photo: Laura Brady