25 November 2010

Name our campaign toads – can you impress judge Mike Dilger?

Froglife is looking for some fun and fabulous names for the faces of our Tuppence a Toad campaign. The toad two characters will be helping us spread toad-friendly messages, and sharing their life stories throughout our campaign to save more common toads. BBC One Show wildlife presenter Mike Dilger will judge the suggested names and pick his two favourites. The winners will be sent a selection of toad and wildlife goodies!

As both toads are hibernating at the moment, we thought it would be nice to have their names waiting for them when they wake up in the new year! Here’s a bit of information on these two characters to give you some inspiration:

The male toad: Spring 2011 will be the first time this young male toad makes his way to a pond. He was a tadpole himself in the same pond 3 years ago, and is still quite small. He is dark green with brown spots and golden eyes, and can hide really well under mud and grass. His favourite food is slugs and he has a special hiding place beneath a shed in a local garden where he sits out the winter.

The female toad: She has made it to the pond 2 years in a row to lay her eggs. She is big and round, with speckled markings on her belly. She likes to hibernate under an old oak log in the woods, and her favourite snack is spiders. She once had a scary run in with a cat, but she escaped unharmed.

Enter your suggestions for names on our website here

Send your suggestions and reasons for these names via email to: info@froglife.org

Or post to: Froglife, Unit 2A Flag Business Exchange, Vicarage Farm Road, Peterborough, PE1 5TX.

Deadline for entries: Midnight Friday 24th of December, with the winners to be announced in the New Year.

24 November 2010

Froglife share their love for toads at Lush in Peterborough!

We’ll be giving Christmas shoppers 70,000 reasons to support reptiles and amphibians on Thursday 25th November. Our Toads on Roads volunteers have saved over 70,000 toads this year alone!

We’ll be in the Lush store from 4pm to 7pm in the Queensgate Centre, Peterborough. Sam and Tina will be running colouring in, quizzes, games and wildlife learning activities, and sharing their love for toads, frogs, newts, snakes and lizards. They will also be publicising the Tuppence a Toad campaign and collecting some tuppences.

Whilst most of our species are hibernating in the colder weather, we’ll be reminding people of the steps they can take for a brighter future for reptiles and amphibians. As our Tuppence a Toad campaign to save more common toads from death or injury on the roads continues, there are all sorts of things you can do to get involved, from doing a sponsored run, collecting tuppences or doing your Christmas shopping on our website!

For more information visit www.froglife.org/tuppence or browse our shop www.froglife.org/shop