30 May 2013

New Natterchat Magazine Online

The latest edition of Froglife's Natterchat magazine is now online.  The theme for Spring/Summer 2013 is Natural Childhood - and shares conclusions from our My Wild Life project, as well as the latest research on children and nature from the RSPB and National Trust.

This is a hot topic at the moment, with more and more evidence showing the importance of access to the great outdoors to young people, while planned changes to the National Curriculum in England will possibly remove care for the environment as something children should learn in school. 
The Spring/Summer 2013 edition of Natterchat - out now
Natterchat has information on the policy affecting this area of work, and what you can do to help.  One of the important findings of My Wild Life is the role of 'Nature Mentors' - people who take young people outside, show them plants and creatures, and ignite their passion for wildlife.  So, buying wellies and waterproofs as birthday presents, taking the family on a nature walk, or just looking around the local garden or park to see what you can find are great ways to start. 

Natterchat also features Jules Howard talking about his favourite place to see Grass Snakes, news from our Living Water project in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire, and a feature on Vicki who is volunteering with London Dragon Finder.

Each edition features news from our Toads on Roads project, and this time we have some really interesting news from Norbert Florian, who coordinates a similar project in Hungary.

With a giveaway of two Deadly 60 books by Steve Backshall, we think Natterchat is an unmissable read!