14 May 2010

Disney cans Newt

Froglife is saddened to hear that work on Disney’s animation film, Newt, has been cancelled.

The Disney Pixar film, first announced in 2008, was alleged to have been about the fate of the “last remaining male and female blue-footed newts on the planet forced together by science to save the species.” First reported in 2008, a number of media sources today report that the Newt project has been canned, for reasons unknown.

“This film could have been a unique opportunity for kids to engage with the wonderful world of amphibians, in a fun and engrossing way – and to better understand the seriousness of animal extinctions." said Froglife’s Jules Howard. “Disney’s phenomenal ability to engage and inspire millions of children is a league above our combined efforts in the wildlife conservation sector –it’s a unique opportunity lost.”

Globally , one third of amphibian species are threatened with extinction. Of the UK’s thirteen species of amphibians and reptiles, ten species are listed on the Government’s Biodiversity Action Plan (UKBAP) priority ‘watchlist’.

Froglife has started a campaign on Facebook - join in! “Hey Disney, bring back Newt!”