25 May 2010

An uncertain future for our wildlife?

Froglife was delighted to hear that so many new MPs are from the charitable sector. But with no representation from wildlife NGOs, and the potential for the coalition to repeal the hunting ban and reintroduce badger culls in England, just how committed is the new government to protecting wildlife?

The coalition’s policy document states: "We will introduce measures to protect wildlife and promote green spaces and wildlife corridors in order to halt the loss of habitats and restore biodiversity." It remains to be seen just what these measures will be.

“The work of some of our colleagues within the wildlife sector looks like it’s about to get a lot more challenging, even those working with the traditionally more popular animals than our species,” says Kathy Wormald, Froglife’s CEO. “I hope the new government puts its money where its mouth is, and that the good work we have all been part of in pushing wildlife conservation and outdoor education up the agenda continues to develop.”

Wildlife lover and Liberal Democrat deputy leader on Peterborough council, Cllr Nick Sandford, is optimistic. “There is a lot of good stuff coming out of the government of potential benefit to wildlife, including tree planting, habitat protection, and devolution of power to local authorities,” said Nick. “There are also a number of new commissions to look into various more contentious issues, so let’s hope they deliver results.”

Why not contact your MP to find out how they stand on the issues that affect our wildlife, and ask about their visions for the future of biodiversity? You can find your MP’s details here.

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