3 September 2010

Can you suggest a site for a new toad pond?

Froglife is hoping to launch a new scheme that will provide breeding ponds for common toads (pictured right) at sites where populations are being impacted by road traffic. We are asking for help to find areas for these ponds.

Bufo Buffer Ponds, a new project being developed by Froglife, will add new ponds to a selection of sites where toads are known to cross roads. If funded, these ‘buffer ponds’ will provide new breeding locations for toad populations. Over time it is hoped that these actions will help safeguard some important local toad populations. This will be one of the on-the-ground elements of the charity’s Tuppence a Toad campaign, launching this October to save more toads.

“The common toad Bufo bufo is thought to be experiencing declines in the UK, and in some cases this is caused, or made worse, by the effect of road traffic.” said Froglife’s Lucy Benyon. “This year alone, we know that 60,986 toads have been reported as rescued from UK roads by volunteers. Sadly 5,290 toads have been recorded dead. Tuppence a Toad is a year-long campaign to help save more toads.”

In 2007, the common toad was added to the Government’s Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP) ‘watchlist’.

Froglife is looking for suitable sites for new toad ponds in the East of England (where the project will be trialled). They would like to hear from groups and landowners within 1km of a UK toad crossing (see our online map) who are keen to have a new wildlife pond created.

Sites where toad declines are known or perceived to be sharp will be prioritised.

The project will seek funding from a number of funders, including the SITA Trust. Sites may be required to provide 10% of habitat work costs at the site, and fundraising support for this can be provided by Froglife.

To submit details of a site you know which could benefit from a Bufo Buffer Pond, visit: www.froglife.org/bufobuffer

For more details about Froglife’s Toads on Roads scheme: www.froglife.org/toadsonroads