6 October 2011

Charlie Dimmock Visits Froglife's Wildilfe Ambassadors!

Froglife was delighted to welcome Charlie Dimmock, one of Britain's best known and loved gardeners to our Wildlife Ambassadors project in Peterborough this week.

Charlie with Wildlife Ambassador Graham and Froglifer Liam
Currently appearing on ITV’s 71 Degrees North, Charlie came along to support our project working with people across the city who are looking to get back into employment, education or training.  Working at Railworld’s spectacular Wildlife Haven, the Ambassadors are improving the three wildlife ponds and creating a Froglife Garden. An expert in water features, Charlie’s hints and tips were welcomed by all the team as she mucked in to help improve the ponds. 

"All of the Ambassadors were so excited to have Charlie joining us," says Project Officer Laura Brady. "Froglife staff were thrilled too!  She's a great role model for women working in a male dominated environment and the Ambassadors had mentioned they would love to meet her.  We were able to make that happen, and Charlie is an inspirational personality."

A big thank you to Charlie for supporting this important project!
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