3 December 2010

A musical night with Froglife and The RiffToads – For One Night Only!

Froglife and Bristol-based band The RiffToads are getting together in support of the Tuppence a Toad campaign! This special night of pop, rock and blues is on 18th December from 7.30pm at The Three Brooks, Savages Wood Road, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

If you’re a local Toad Patroller, Froglife supporter or just want a jumping night of great music, hop along!

This is the first of these national events, raising much needed money and awareness to support the heroic Toad Patrol volunteers, who this year alone have rescued over 70,000 toads! Common toads return year after year to their favourite ponds, and we want to make sure they get there safely.

“The RiffToads jumped at the chance to help raise money to help save common toads,” says Tina Lindsay, Community Fundraiser for Froglife. “They often support charities and this is a perfect union. The gig is at their local so will be well supported by their fans, and hopefully some Toad Patrollers from the area too! It’s going to be a fantastic night and who knows...Tina and The Toad Patrollers might end up on backing vocals!”

So, if you’re in the area, or know someone who is, please Croak the word! We have a lovely colourful poster which can be emailed out to anyone wanting to spread the news...simply email Tina on tina.lindsay@froglife.org for a copy or contact Ian from The RiffToads via their website for more information about the band or venue.

See you there!

29 November 2010

Christmas shop on the Froglife website and keep cosy!

We have a great range of goodies in our Frogalogue this year, including frog and toad Christmas cards and greeting cards, quirky bags and books. Not only can you shop online from the comfort of your sofa, you can help wildlife at the same time!

• We have a range of goodies in our Make Frogspawn Not War bags ranging from £5 to £30
• Pack of 10 wintry frog and toad Christmas cards for £5
• Pack of 8 colourful toad greetings cards designed by the winners of our competition for £4
• Toads on Roads virtual gift of £10 to support our Tuppence a Toad campaign to save more common toads from death or injury on roads. We send you a certificate and magnet to say thank you!
• Magnets, air fresheners, phone charms and decorated pebbles £1-£2.50
• Sign someone up as a Froglife Friend and support our work for a year for £18. They will receive our magazine twice a year, special offers on events and become a vital part of the Froglife team!
• You can also buy tickets for our Evening at Toad Hall event in Peterborough on Saturday 2nd April 2011, hosted by Mike Dilger and Willie Thorne, including an auction of all sorts of amazing items and fundraising silly games.

Your shopping helps our conservation and education work to help save frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards. You can access the shop here: www.froglife.org/shop

Postage and packing charges are added onto your purchases, and sent out by the lovely Mel. The last date for orders before Christmas is 15th December.

Happy shopping!