19 November 2012

BBC Calls out For Wildlife Gardeners

Is your garden teeming with wildlife? 

Have you actively encouraged birds, bees, bats and bugs to call your back-yard their home? Have you and your neighbours got together to create a hedgehog highway?  Have you bought the local garden centre out of bird boxes? Or welcomed in reptiles with corrugated iron sheets? Could you share the secrets of how you made your family garden a sanctuary for Britain’s favourite wildlife? 

If you are as passionate about supporting all creatures great and small as we are, then the makers of a new programme for the BBC wants to hear from you!  Froglife is helping Outline Productions spread the word about a new landmark series they are making for BBC ONE about the perilous state of Britain’s wildlife and what we can all do to help.
Whether you have a small city garden, a big country one, a farm or a high-rise balcony - there is so much that can be done to support the wildlife all around us.  Our gardens are Britain’s most vital nature reserve and we want to find inspirational stories of families who have turned their small patch into wildlife friendly spaces.

The idea is to find amazing wildilfe gardeners, so that the public can follow their lead and make their gardens wildlife friendly too. 

So if you’ve put in a pond, built a rockery, assembled a log pile or done anything whatsoever to discover the amazing wildlife living on your doorstep, your story could help inspire other British families to do the same.

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