9 October 2008

Frog Disease Appeal frogmarches onwards

To mark the final month of our Frog Disease Appeal, on Sunday 12th of October Froglife staff will undertake a sponsored Frogmarch at the Great Eastern Run in Peterborough.

So far this year our Froglife Appeal has raised £3,000, allowing us to raise staff capacity during the busy summer months, and to begin enhancing our website – we’ve started work on a mapping facility for disease reports. It has also helped us raise awareness, allowing Froglife the funds to give out free advice sheets on amphibian disease to hundreds of enquirers. In addition it has supported our work with the media too, alongside our partners The Institute of London (ZSL).

Ten Froglife staff will take part in the Run and we hope to raise a further £1,000 – allowing us funds to act further as we look to 2009 and beyond.

Last year around 3,000 runners raced through the flat streets of Peterborough, supported by thousands of spectators along the course cheering everyone on.

You can sponsor a staff member (or the whole Froglife team!) by visiting: www.froglife.org/support

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