12 December 2008

Temporary reprieve for toad colony

Local campaigners in Suffolk have applauded news that a housing development scheme is to be delayed, so that the council can monitor the migration of the 5,000-strong Common Toad population across Kiln Meadow next spring.

Earlier in 2008, Froglife announced that the site was the UK’s most active toad crossing (reported to the Toads on Roads scheme) – volunteers lifted 4,400 toads during this year's migration season.

BBC News report that Council leader Liz Harsant said falling land prices played a part in the decision to delay the sale, while the campaign by Ipswich Wildlife Group was also a factor.

Jen Jousiffe, a conservation volunteer fighting to save the land, said: "We think it's absolutely important that they do the investigations they've suggested to work out the impact of building on the site.”

"We are quite pleased they have taken account of local feelings.”

For more on Toads on Roads visit: www.froglife.org/projects

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