27 April 2009

Bafta award for Life in Cold Blood

Froglife and the Herpetological Conservation Trust (HCT) congratulate Sir David Attenborough on winning a Bafta for the ground-breaking BBC1 documentary programme about reptiles and amphibians, Life in Cold Blood.

Attenborough took to the stage after an excerpt from Life in Cold Blood showed a pair of copulating tortoises. "Thanks go to spitting cobras, axolotls, golden frogs, dwarf chameleons, those happy tortoises," Attenborough said. "I have got the best job going, and to go around the world and see all those marvelous things is more than anyone could wish for."

The Bafta is the eighth time he and his programmes have been honoured.

To find out more about the UK species of Life in Cold Blood visit: www.froglife.org/advice.htm

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