6 April 2009

Froglife is metamorphosing…

Froglife and The Herpetological Conservation Trust (The HCT) have announced their intention to merge, forming one single strong conservation NGO.

The new organisation will be called the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust and will continue the range of activities currently undertaken by Froglife and the HCT, while providing a stronger basis for conserving amphibians and reptiles in the future.

Both Froglife and the HCT have worked closely on key issues in recent years, including the Government’s Biodiversity Action Plans, on issues like amphibian disease and on advice and guidance for the public and land-managers. Throughout this time it has become increasingly clear that the two organisations could be many times more effective in their mutual aim of conserving amphibians and reptiles, if united as a single organisation – giving the organisations a full range of skills and projects that could not be achieved in any other manner.

Although the decision has been made to merge, the details, and timescales, of the necessary processes have not been finalised. While this is happening, the two organisations will continue to exist as separate entities but will be working increasingly closely with each other to a common set of goals.

Both Froglife and the HCT will be posting more details in due course. For more information on the HCT please visit: http://www.herpconstrust.org.uk/

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Rick Anstis said...

Surrey ARG supports this important decision - we look forward to hearing more about the plans.
Rick Anstis