22 March 2010

Green Pathways to London...

Froglife is looking for new partners to join an educational initiative made possible with BBC Children in Need funding.

Froglife's Green Pathways scheme works with a range of young people on conservation projects that benefit amphibians and reptiles in urban areas.

The scheme introduces young people –most of whom have no previous interest in the natural world – to amphibian and reptile conservation; offering skills, training and qualifications.

One output from the scheme has been a frog-friendly allotment which has become a demonstration site to encourage other allotment-holders to embrace amphibians and reptiles as a natural form of pest control.

Young people involved monitor the pond’s progress and take part in pond dipping activities, checking up on the pond’s inhabitants before each session.

To date, the Green Pathways Scheme has reached over 700 people within the Peterborough area – involving 19 partner schools and community groups.

After one year feedback has been positive:

“[This is a] fabulous idea for building self-esteem, self-confidence and providing opportunities to learn valuable life skills,” underlined one teacher from a participating Peterborough school.

“The scheme has been a great opportunity to allow young people to become actively involved in and enthused by wildlife projects they would not normally have access to,” said Natalie Giles, Froglife's Conservation Youth Worker.

Now Froglife is looking to bring Green Pathways to specified London boroughs:

“Due to the success of the project here in Peterborough, we are looking to expand its delivery into the London boroughs of Camden, Tower Hamlets and Hackney.” said Natalie.

“We would be really interested to hear from other organisations, specifically volunteer groups and schools, that have groups of young people that might appreciate opportunities for outdoor learning.”

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