19 May 2010

Froglife joins in with global wildlife celebrations

Pond-dipping nets will be at the ready this weekend, as a chain of special events take place across the country, as part of global celebrations for 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity.

Froglife will be leading a network of pond-dipping events in London, Peterborough and Glasgow. Attendees will get to see up-close the enormous variety of wildlife that depend on ponds, including frogs, newts, toads, grass snakes, dragonflies, beetles and water boatmen.

Froglife is hoping that adults and children across the country can record one hundred different species on the day, armed with pond nets and specimen trays.

The network of events forms part of a number of celebrations being undertaken across the world, to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity. The United Nations proclaimed May 22nd the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.

“Ponds are teeming with wildlife, so this is a fitting way for us to celebrate this important day in our diary, and to show new audiences why ponds are so important for safeguarding our national wildlife treasures.” said Froglife’s Sam Taylor.

“Pond-dipping is a great way to show young people what biodiversity actually looks like.” added Sam.

Pond-dipping events will take place at the following locations:

- Peterborough: Hampton Nature Reserve

- Glasgow: Binghams Pond (Hyndland).

- London: Railway Fields Nature Reserve (Haringay )and Foots Cray Meadows (Bexley)

For details of how to get involved in these events please email: info@froglife.org

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