15 June 2010

Froglife at Gardeners World Live

We're off to the NEC in Birmingham from Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th June to spread our love of amphibians and reptiles to keen gardeners!

Amongst the show gardens, flower stands and a big plant swap, Froglife will be extolling the virtues of having even a tiny pond for wildlife.

Jules Howard, Froglife's education and learning coordinator, will also be giving talks in the VIP lounge, about how to make a wildlife friendly pond from scratch, in less than a weekend.

"It's becoming increasingly recognised that gardens have a big part to play in biodiversity, particularly in urban areas," comments Jules. "A garden pond can add so much value for all sorts of wildlife, and it's incredible just how quickly new creatures will move in."

This complements Froglife's 'Just Add Water' campaign and educational booklet containing tips and ideas for making and maintaining a pond. With habitat loss being one of the biggest theats to amphibians and reptiles, creating inviting areas in gardens is one of the simplest ways people looking to take action can help.

Froglife staff are looking forward to talking to all sorts of people over the days of the event, sharing advice and ideas, and also collecting people's thoughts and experiences about encounters with our species. Gardeners World Live is open from 9am to 6pm from the 16th to the 20th of June. If you are visiting the event, come on over and say hello!

Find more information on buiding or looking after a wildlife pond here.

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