22 October 2010

Support Jules’s Dash to Save Toads!

Toad fan Jules Howard is undertaking a mission throughout October to raise awareness (and funds) for toad crossing sites by running 100km on roads in Northamptonshire where toads are known to cross.

Having spent a number of years seeing toads die at each of Northamptonshire’s ten toad crossings, and seeing the carnage caused to toads by traffic, Jules was urged to take action:

“This doesn’t look like a problem that is going away any time soon. In Northamptonshire, none of our ‘Toad Crossing’ sites have any toad signs in spring to warn passing motorists, so motorists have no idea of the threat that cars pose to the toads. The signing process is coordinated by the local authority – getting this issue onto their radar too is really important. Hopefully this toad dash will help!”

The 100km is being run in ten stages, each round one of Northamptonshire’s crossings. T-shirts emblazoned with ‘Toad Crossing’ signs will help spread the message to motorists.

“It’s likely that toads are in decline in Northamptonshire,” adds Jules. “I know of two sites where they are now likely to be extinct. I think it’s important that toads remain a common part of British wildlife and folklore – for me, it’s a crime to sit back and let them disappear, budget cuts or not.”

You can sponsor Jules’s Toad Dash to raise funds to support Froglife’s Tuppence a Toad campaign HERE.

Thank you!

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RUN Jules Run good one