22 December 2010

Terence, Tom, Tabasco, Teresa, Tamara, Tamsen.....? Don’t forget to add your suggestions for naming our toads!

If you need a break from all things Christmassy, don’t forget to enter our competition to name our cute toad characters. Wildlife presenter Mike Dilger will be picking his two favourites – a fun job as the suggestions so far have been adorable. The winners will receive a selection of wildlife themed goodies in a funky Froglife bag!

The deadline for entries is midnight on Christmas Eve – there’s a female toad and a male toad that need naming before they wake up from hibernation next year.

The toads will be helping us raise awareness for our Tuppence a Toad campaign, and highlighting the hard time that real common toads have crossing busy roads in spring to get back to their favourite ponds. We are busy collecting tuppences to help save more common toads and the ponds they depend on.

You can enter the competition on our website – www.froglife.org/tuppence/names.htm

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