26 January 2011

Mike Dilger names ‘Widdy’ and ‘Wigbert’ – our two toad campaigners!

BBC natural history presenter and toad fan Mike Dilger has chosen the winning names in our ‘name the toads competition’. Widdy, named after Anne Widdecombe, and Wigbert will be helping Froglife raise the profile of the plight of toads and their incredible life cycle.

Georgette Taylor from Cambridgeshire suggested Wigbert as her favourite name and Melenie Francis from Hampshire picked Widdy “Because Widdy is rounded, bold, and fearless (like Anne Widdecombe in 'Strictly') and she keeps coming back!” The winners will be receiving some wildlife goodies in a fabulous Froglife bag!

As the weather starts to get warmer and wetter, we are fast approaching the time when toads will be heading back to their ancestral breeding ponds to lay their long strands of spawn. The mild weather has already brought out some toads in the South West of England, even though it’s only January; it’s more common to see them around February and March.

Toads like Widdy and Wigbert will go back to the same ponds year after year, no matter what is in their way, including roads. It’s estimated that around 20 tonnes of toads are killed on our roads every year. However, hard working Toad Patrollers up and down the country will be getting ready to go out on damp evenings and help the toads make it to safety. Volunteers rescued over 70,000 toads in 2010 alone!

Our Tuppence a Toad campaign aims to collect small change to make a big difference to these golden-eyed amphibians, and support to the Toad Patrollers. There are all sorts of ways you can get involved to help Wigbert, Widdy and their friends! Find out more here.

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