6 January 2011

Spend an evening with Willie, Mike and Mr Toad...!

We may be only just in to 2011 but plans are already coming together for Froglife’s Evening at Toad Hall event, to be held in April, with special guests Mike Dilger and Willie Thorne.

Join us on Saturday 2nd April 2011 at the beautiful Orton Hall Hotel near Peterborough. Mike will be our guest speaker, and Willie our auctioneer for a selection of fabulous and exciting goodies. The night will be very entertaining, with dinner, drinks, and all sorts of fun and games.

“This promises to be a great night for couples, friends or colleagues to be spoilt and enjoy themselves,” explains Tina Lindsay, Froglife’s Community Fundraiser. “Not only could you bag yourself something really special in the auction, but there will also be Scalextric racing, toad bingo, tiddly winks, and lots of other ways to get silly! On a serious note the money raised will be vital for the conservation of our toads, who have had a really tough time recently.”

Auction items so far include - a frog-spotting trip to South Africa, a holiday in Wales, a fly-fishing experience, zoo tickets, a glamorous hair cut and afternoon tea with Zac Goldsmith MP; not to mention the various books, original artwork and jewellery on offer. With items still coming in, there promises to be something to suit all budgets!

Tickets cost £25 or £40 for two, with reduced rates for Toad Patrollers and Froglife Friends. Tables of ten can be booked for £200.

Profits from the event will go towards our important Tuppence a Toad campaign to support real toads in the wild.

You can find out more about the event and book tickets


carol said...

I have just spent 2hour looking for a sight to find out why I have just fished 11 dead forgs and 4 baby frogs out of my little garden pond and here you are, I put a ball in my pond however we have had a lot of snow which covered the ball then froze I could not brake the ice on the pond it must have been at least 2inches thick, when the snow melted I could see the fish swimming so I knew they were ok, didn't know frogs stayed in the pond over winter, so it was with great sadness when I saw the frogs as my grandchildren and I have had such joy counting them, watching the spawn hatch and watching the tadpoles develop into baby frogs, will I get new frog this year? I will look after them better now I know they stay in the pond over winter I promise

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
It's not nice to find so many dead frogs but it's natural to lose a few over the winter. It's usually only a proportion of the population that overwinter in the pond so there should be others hibernating around the garden who will return to breed as normal. It's very difficult to protect frogs who have chosen to hibernate in ponds so don't worry too much.

Kermit said...

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