2 March 2011

Memories of a Wild Life

Think back....as a child did you collect frogspawn in a jar? Build a den with friends? Search for newts in a local pond?

Froglife’s latest project ‘My Wild Life’ will be gathering childhood experiences of wildlife and wild play and bringing generations together through sharing these memories.

The project starts soon in Peterborough and will be rolled-out to Glasgow and London next year. It aims to bring young and old together at reminiscence events to share their experiences of the outdoors. Volunteers will receive training in interview and filming techniques so that stories can be captured, creating an oral history record in the form of a DVD.

We would like to hear your childhood memories of wildlife and playing outdoors. If you have a story you would like to share with us, would like to be involved in a reminiscence event, or would just like more information on the project, please email jodie.coomber@froglife.org.

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