18 March 2011

Sterile to Stunning London Pond?

A sterile concrete pond in Mile End Park, Tower Hamlets is getting a make-over this month by being transformed by Froglife into thriving wildlife haven for amphibians and other urban animals.

Froglife has funding from the Veolia Environmental Trust in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council to increase the biodiversity of the pond and encourage an array of animals to visit the pond such as frogs, dragonflies and birds.

The existing pond has hard concrete edges making it very difficult for plants to settle in. Coir rolls and pallets made of natural material, pre-planted with native wildflower and grass seeds, will be established all the way around the pond edges. This will attract a variety of animals to breed, feed and bathe.

This exciting new project will greatly enhance the local area for local children. Sadly 83% of children living in Tower Hamlets do not have access to a private garden therefore emphasising the need for good quality green spaces where children can learn and play outdoors. Tower Hamlets is also recorded as one of the highest population densities in London demonstrating that people need to have good local parks that they can visit, relax and enjoy.

“This is an amazing project, it will really make a difference to this pond and for the local frogs and newts,” says, Rebecca Turpin London Living Water Project Officer from Froglife. “Tower Hamlets has very few green spaces, so improving this pond will encourage local people to get out door and learn about amphibians and how we can conserve them for future generations.”

An additional part to the project will be wildflower plug planting during spring with volunteers. These planting days will be organised by Mile End Park, so if you are interested in getting involved please contact Tower Hamlets on parks@towerhamlets.gov.uk or 020 7364 4147 for more information.

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