4 April 2011

Thank you for Fun and Fundraising with Froglife

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all the generous people who donated auction items and money to help make our Evening at Toad Hall a great success on Saturday 2nd April. We had a stunning range of items, and lots of bidding wars over them! Special thanks also go to our glamorous MC Nathalie Cox, Mike Dilger for his entertaining talk, and Willie Thorne for being a brilliant auctioneer.

Froglife staff, trustees, volunteers, partners, friends and family pulled out all the stops to make the night fun and welcoming for guests. Scalextrix racing, a giant board game, a toad drive, and other silly activities helped gather in small change to help make Froglife make a big difference.
We’re still adding up the grand total, which is going towards our ongoing Tuppence a Toad campaign to support the hard working volunteers rescuing thousands of toads every spring. Another thank you goes to all of the people up and down the UK who have been going out to help toads make it safely to their breeding ponds over the last few weeks.

Many toads like our mascots Widdy and Wigbert have made it to their favourite ponds to lay their long strands of spawn, thanks to hard working volunteers. Hopefully, this will be a good year, with lots of little toadlets emerging from the water in summer. Keep an eye out for toadspawn in a pond near you!

If you would like to find out more or donate to Froglife’s Tuppence a Toad campaign, please click here: http://www.froglife.org/tuppence/

Some of the Froglife Team with Mike Dilger

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Alex said...

Thanks for putting the night on.. I had a fantastic time!