17 May 2011

‘Just Add Water’ and dig a pond!

Froglife have launched a 2nd edition of our popular Just Add Water booklet, packed full of hints and tips on creating a pond of any size which can attract frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies, hedgehogs, bats, birds and other wildlife. 

As wildlife author Simon Barnes says in the foreword to the booklet: “A pond is a small miracle, one that brings life to a place and joy to those all around. A new pond is a soft explosion of life.” 

We have teamed up with World of Water Aquatic Stores to help people across the UK create more wildlife ponds. Copies are available in the 20 stores across the country. You can also buy materials and native plants to create your pond from one of the World of Water stores and then sign up for free Froglife Friendship by completing a form on the back page of the booklet.

Froglife are aiming to record the new habitats exploding in gardens everywhere as a result of the partnership on our Just Add Water pond map.

“We’d love to hear stories from people digging or building new ponds,” explains Lucy Benyon, Conservation Communication Officer at Froglife. “We are mapping the wildlife ponds that pop up across the country thanks to our help, and collecting photos and advice so people can share their experiences and ideas. We’re hoping to create 200 new ponds through the project, so get out there and get ponding!”

You can tell us about your new pond by dropping an email with some pictures and your location to info@froglife.org . Stories will also be uploaded to our pond gallery.

Ponds not only support different species by providing somewhere to breed, look for food, drink and bathe, they can also add an attractive feature to your garden for humans to enjoy through quiet contemplation or pond dipping. Just Add Water contains useful ideas for maintaining and enjoying your pond once you have created it.

So, in the words of Simon Barnes, what better time to “light the green fuse, step back - and wonder at the forces you have unleashed.”

Or download a PDF of Just Add Water here 

Or view the booklet on the World of Water website here and search for your nearest store.

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