17 June 2011

Froglife Big Saturday at The Manchester Museum

Come and join Froglife for a fun filled wildlife day at the fabulous Manchester Museum on Saturday 9th July!

We will be working with the Museum team and other local sites, organisations and experts to host a special event with activities and talks - all on an aquatic wildlife theme. There will be a chance to meet some of the stunning live amphibians from the Museum’s vivarium, learn about tropical fish conservation with Bolton Museum’s top Aquarists, have a go at arts and crafts, and find out more about local volunteering opportunities and places to explore.   We will also be promoting our Tuppence a Toad campaign.

A red-eyed tree frog from The Manchester Museum
“There will be a selection of fun activities for families, young people and enthusiasts to help spread the message about the value of water for wildlife,” comments Andrew Gray, Curator of Herpetology at The Manchester Museum. “Diverse and incredible species depend on aquatic habitats, and this will be a chance to learn more, find out how to spot some of these animals, and see some of them up close and personal."

A student meets a crayfish!
The Froglife Big Saturday will also include a programme of exciting and informative talks about global conservation, including opportunities to watch films about our native toad from Bufo Film Productions, tips on European wildlife spotting, and an interactive presentation on tropical amphibians. A number of scientists from Froglife and The University of Manchester’s Faculty of Life Sciences, including Victoria Ogilvy, Amanda Bamford, Katy Woodburn, and Andrew Dean, will also be sharing their research about amphibian declines, crayfish conservation, aquatic carnivorous plants, and lake phytoplankton.

 Come and join in the fun from 10am to 4pm at The Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, M13 9PL on Saturday 9th July 2011.

No booking is necessary and entrance to the Museum is free - some of the activities can be booked on the day and may cost up to £1.50.  

Bladderwort flower
 You can find out more about the Museum, its collections, how to find it and public transport links here

You can find out more about European species through Matt Wilson’s blog here

You can find out more about native amphibian species on the Froglife website here
You can visit the Bolton Museum website and find out more about their aquariums here

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