29 July 2011

Please Help Prevent BBC Wildlife Funding Cut

Froglife is asking supporters to sign a petition against a proposed cut to the BBC's wildlife conservation funding. Please click here to go to the petition.

News that the BBC are planning to close their Wildlife Fund has come as a major blow to conservation worldwide. Established in 2007, the fund currently supports 87 wildlife projects both in the UK and internationally, many of these aimed at conserving some of the world’s most iconic and endangered species including the Sumatran rhino, Siberian tiger and leatherback turtle.

A letter of protest signed by Froglife and other organisations highlights in particular the unprecedented success of the fund, in that it has so far raised nearly £3 million for conservation in its relatively short life.

Despite huge global issues, growing threats to biodiversity, and well documented declines and extinctions amongst species worldwide, conservation is already one of the least funded causes.

There can be no doubt that we need to be investing more money in saving species and habitats; removing the sparse funding that does exist is simply not an option for wildlife. It is a dark day when an organisation that has for years represented the pride of a nation sends a clear message that practical conservation efforts are no longer on the agenda. This is despite the BBC’s long and respected history of being at the helm of pioneering, inspiring wildlife documentaries that the nation and indeed the world has come to rely on for an objective perspective on wildlife conservation.

More money needs to be invested in habitats like ponds, not less!

Amongst vocal protests about funding that helps people directly, conservation funding could end up at the bottom of the heap. Yours is the voice for conservation, and if together we don’t speak up for animals and their habitats, we risk losing them forever.

Please help to protect this essential funding by signing the petition and passing it on to friends and family.
You can sign the petition against the funding cuts here.
You can find out more about the BBC's fund here.

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