12 August 2011

Froglife LINKs in with Scottish Conservation

To help Froglife push the cause of amphibian and reptile conservation on a national scale in Scotland we have recently joined the Scottish Environment LINK. 

The LINK forum is attended by many of Scotland’s leading voluntary environment organisations, such as Scottish Wildlife Trust, National Trust for Scotland, and the RSPB. The purpose of the forum is to bring environmental organisations together to promote informed debate and co-operation within the voluntary environmental sector. The forum then acts as a unified voice and ensures that the environment is fully recognised in the development of policy and legislation affecting Scotland.

“While different organisations may have slightly different priorities, ultimately everyone is striving for the common goal of contributing to a more environmentally sustainable society,” says Robert Williams, Living Water Project Officer with Froglife. I think joining Scottish Environment LINK is a great move for Froglife, and in a time when governments are increasingly overlooking the need to invest in conservation, a unified voice is so important.”
Froglife will sit on the Freshwater and Wildlife Natural Environment taskforces and have already been involved in reviewing Scottish Environmental Protection Agency’s National Flood Risk Assessment. This document will affect prioritisation of flood risk across Scotland and could have implications for protected species and sites, such as Natterjack Toads on the Solway coast.
You can support our work conserving reptiles and amphibians and reptiles for as little as £1.50 a month. Sign up as a Froglife Friend and help save species and habitats here.




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