27 October 2011

Half-term Halloween Fun!

Looking for some half-term Halloween fun this week? We’ve got some great activities to keep you busy.

Amphibians and reptiles are often (rather unfairly!) associated with Halloween - but if you can’t beat them, join them! Here as some spooky snake suggestions and terrifying toad ideas…

Snake cupcakes
Follow our instructions for some ssssimple but ssssspooky serpentine treats! We’ve used vanilla cupcakes but you could use your favourite flavour if you prefer. For a more Halloween-y look, add some green or orange food-colouring to the cakes. You’ll need tubes of coloured icing to draw on the patterns.

Dangly snake mobiles
Print out this template on to coloured paper or card and decorate to look like one of our native species. Cut out the snake shape and hey presto – a dangly snake to scare people with!
Snake mobile template.

Grass snake bracelets
Did you know you can make a fab grass snake bracelet out of a toilet roll tube and some felt? It’s so easy and is a great accessory to any Halloween costume.
Grass snake bracelet instructions.

Find out more about real snakes.

Origami toads
Toads, like cats, are witches familiars. Follow these instructions to make your own hopping toad out of paper. If you’re having a Halloween party, get all your guests to make a toad and then have a race.
Origami toad instructions.

Colouring in toads
Once you’ve coloured in your toad you could cut it out and stick it on your wall to add to your Halloween decorations.
Common toad picture.

Find out more about real toads.

And don’t forget you can help real amphibians and reptiles at this time of year by creating safe places for them to see out the winter – log piles, rockeries and piles of old leaves and garden debris are great hideaways for all sorts of wildlife. Find out more.

Froglife's work conserving reptiles and amphibians depends upon donations. You can help us protect habitats, save animals and introduce wildilfe to new audiences by contributing your donation here. Every penny is vital!

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