23 November 2011

A Week in My Wild Life

Our My Wild Life project, sharing wildlife memories from different generations in Peterborough, has been gaining momentum. Project Officer Jodie Coomber tells us about one of her busiest weeks yet…

Monday 14th November
I’ve got two sessions and a conference workshop to prepare for this week so it’s all a bit hectic! Laura (Wildlife Ambassadors Project Officer) has been helping out and we’re all set for the first session tomorrow.

Tuesday 15th November
Today’s session is with St Andrews Church in Netherton, where members of the church friendship group meet with House Captains from neighbouring Thorpe Primary School. Norman shares some great stories about the freedom he had to disappear on his bike for days growing up in Scotland, and memories of watching salmon make their difficult journey upriver. The young people also meet Lorna, who grew up in the Caribbean and was terrified of the lizards that were everywhere!
Norman talking to some of the pupils from Thorpe Primary School
Wednesday 16th November
Another busy day of sessions. The newly formed Age UK Gunthorpe Friendship Group are meeting students from Thomas Deacon Academy at the Paston and Gunthorpe Community Centre. More really interesting memories are shared, including from Joan who remembers catching butterflies in order to save precious vegetables from caterpillar attacks during World War Two. The young people listening and interviewing are fantastic and really interested in hearing more.

Thursday 17th November
Tomorrow Peterborough is hosting the third annual Intergenerational Conference at the Salvation Army Citadel. We’re really excited to have been asked to carry out reminiscence workshops throughout the day. Laura and I are making decorations for the room we’ll be in – we’re going all out and creating an indoor picnic area complete with pond and kites flying overhead.

Friday 18th November
The conference is fantastic! A brilliant networking opportunity to meet local people doing similar work in Peterborough and learn more about their intergenerational practice. We also share our thoughts and experiences on how to manage intergenerational work based on the project so far.
Froglife’s workshop room at the Intergenerational Conference
It’s been a very busy week but all the hard work was worth it. We heard lots of fantastic childhood stories this week, highlighting some of the differences between the generations, and I’m grateful for the support from all the organisations involved. We’re looking forward to more of the same with future sessions in 2012.

- You can find out more about Froglife's My Wild Life project here
- If your group or school is interested in getting involved in sharing some childhood memories of climbing trees or catching tadpoles, please get in touch with jodie.coomber@froglife.org or 01733 558844

Froglife works to conserve amphibians and reptiles and the wild habitats they depend on.  We also aim to enthuse future generations with a passion for wildlife and the great outdoors.  You can support our work by becoming a Froglife Friend here.

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