16 January 2012

Education Project Back thanks to BBC Children in Need!

Green Pathways is back! And with a new member of staff at the helm. Froglife is delighted to offer even more opportunities for young people in Peterborough to enjoy wildlife, thanks to BBC Children in Need. New team member and project officer Rebecca Neal shares her thoughts on the project.

“For those froglets not in the know, Green Pathways works with disadvantaged young people in Peterborough on conservation projects across the city. It grew out of Froglife’s work with young offenders, through which many young people with all sorts of challenging behaviour have benefited from practical, positive projects.

The project previously ran for 3 years finishing Spring 2011 and supported2655 young people to get outdoors, learn more about wildlife, and build their skills and confidence.
Young people on Froglife's Green Pathways project planting up a pond
This time around Green Pathways is open to teenagers aged 12-19 and, as before, reaches out to those who exhibit challenging behaviour, lack confidence or simply could benefit from extra help to achieve their full potential. The Green Pathways team will be lending a hand to green projects all over the city, creating and restoring habitats.

I have only just started, but very shortly I shall be seeking sites to work at, young people to recruit and volunteers to assist, so if you think you can help please get in touch. ”

A trained teacher, Rebecca has volunteered teaching science in Guyana, in South America and once did a job involving hair-drying bumblebees! If you would like to get involved in Green Pathways or hear more about the project, why not say hello?

- You can get in touch with Rebecca by emailing rebecca.neal@froglife.org or calling 01733 425826
- You can find out more about Green Pathways at the Froglife website here

You can help support Froglife's work engaging vulnerable young people in conservation projects by making a donation here.
Photo: Natalie Pretsell

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