27 January 2012

Froglife Toad Patrols – Helpers Needed

Amphibians across the country are stirring, emerging from their winter hiding places to breed as the weather gets milder.  For Common toads, busy roads all too often bisect their habitat, separating them from their breeding ponds. Last year alone, Froglife’s Toad Patrol volunteers helped over 60,000 toads to safety across the UK. We have a number of Patrols looking for extra support to go out on mild spring evenings and help the migrating toads in 2012.

Can you help a toad across a road?

The following Toad Patrols have been in touch with Froglife, looking for people to take on a leading role in coordinating volunteers:

• Boroughbridge Road near in North Yorkshire
• The Fisheries, Cranleigh near Godalming in Surrey
• Badwell Ash near Ixworth in Suffolk

There are also a number of sites across the UK where the leading Patrollers have had to retire or we have lost contact. You can view unknown and inactive Patrols on a map here, and let us know if you’d like to investigate restarting a patrol.

Additional volunteers are particularly needed to help with existing Patrols in:

• Green End Pond near Stevenage in Hertfordshire
• Great Waldingfield near Sudbury in Suffolk
• Thwaite Common near Erpingham in North Norfolk

There’s a good chance a Patrol near you is looking for help too – the map of active Patrols is here.

Registered Toad Patrol Volunteers are covered by Froglife insurance and can benefit from materials from our Tuppence a Toad appeal, including hi-vis vests and buckets, and a discount from torch and hi vis suppliers The Glow Company. We can help promote the Patrol and recruit volunteers through press support in your local area, and send you posters to display.

You can find out more about Froglife Toad Patrols and how they work here
• If you are interested in helping out with these patrols, or finding out more about what you can do in your local patch, please get in touch with Lucy.Benyon@froglife.org or 01733 558844
• If you coordinate a Toad Patrol and would like support or volunteers please get in touch with Lucy

You can also support toads and Toad Patrollers by donating to Froglife's Tuppence a Toad appeal here, or buying toad greetings cards from our shop here.

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