20 February 2012

Froglife Needs 25 Shopaholics

Froglife is looking to recruit just 25 people to shop online through Give as You Live, to be entitled to matched donations.

Shopping through Give as You Live means that you can buy from thousands of brands, including Sainsburys, John Lewis, M&S and Amazon, and donations are made to Froglife with every purchase you make.

If we can sign up 25 shoppers by the end of March, Froglife will also receive an extra £5 donation from Give as You Live when you spend £10 or more. This really is a simple way to contribute funding to help our work.

Raise £5 for frogs as you shop
There are all sorts of things we could do with that extra £5 donation: buy refreshments for volunteers on a cold and muddy pond digging session, access another £50 through co-funding for education or conservation projects, buy a first aid kit or some pond plants for use on activity days. Every penny counts.

Here’s what you need to do if you’d like to help:
• Please sign up as a Froglife Give as You Live Shopper here today: http://www.giveasyoulive.com/join/thefroglifetrust
• You can simply enter your email address and name and start shopping through the website, or you can set up a Give as You Live profile to track your purchases. It can take a little while after each purchase to register your donation.
You need to download a Give as You Live App onto your computer to make it easier to remember to shop through the website. It adds a button to your web browser you can click to register donations when you shop directly on other websites, which also pops up every time you visit a shopping site that’s registered for donations. This works on Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox and is really easy to use.
Helping spread the word through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and your friends signing up will also raise donations for Froglife

Thank you and happy shopping!


Celia Haddon said...

I have just visited two ponds where normally frogs mate. Both are now little better than puddles due to the lack of rain. This seems pretty worrying to me.

info said...

Hi Celia, we're hearing similar stories about ponds drying up already. More on this to come...