6 March 2012

Become a Newt in Peterborough this Saturday!

Froglife will be at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough this Saturday (10th of March) to celebrate National Science and Engineering Week. Conservation Youth Worker Rebecca Neal reminds of of the plans for the event... 

“The mind-blowing interactive exhibition is called The Dragons Den: A Year in the Life of a Newt.  In this total emersion experience you will don your very own newt tail and journey through “newt world” in character and learn about these strange animals as you go.
Learn more about the wonderful world of newts, like this Great Crested male
You’ll race across the hunting ground to avoid being eaten by a giant snake, you’ll search out some tasty invertebrates to eat and hide out under some giant leaves. The best bit though, and the part which I am most looking forward to, is the section where you’ll pretend to be a boy newt and dance to attract a lady friend. How often if a lifetime does an opportunity like that come along?

I would suggest bringing some small people with you as well, just as an excuse. They will probably enjoy it too.”

If you are interested in coming along, you will find the Froglife team:

• At The Discovery Den near the Visitors Centre at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough between 11am and 4pm on Saturday 10th March

We are also taking the show on the road to North Lanarkshire in Scotland on Saturday 17th March at Palacerigg Country Park - we'll remind you about it next week!

Photo: Courtesy of Dave Kilbey

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