29 March 2012

Not Too Late to Help Toads

It’s starting to come to the end of the Toad Patrol season now, but there are still things you can do to help Common toads. One of them is support Froglife’s Tuppence a Toad appeal.

Can you spare Tuppence for a Toad?
Launched in 2010, we are asking people to make donations small and large to help make sure we can continue our work helping toads, and better support the hard working Toad Patrol volunteers.

If you would like to help toads, these small and unsung garden heroes, perhaps you could:

Donate online to our appeal
Collect your tuppences and other spare change at home and send us a cheque when your jar is full
Buy some of our lovely Toad Notelets to send to your friends and share the toad-friendly message
• Try some toad-friendly improvements in your garden with hints and tips from our publications Just Add Water and Urban Tails (UK editition) or Urban Tails (Scottish edition)
Find out more about the Toads on Roads project at Froglife’s website here

On behalf of the toads, thank you!

Photo: Laura Brady

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