1 March 2012

Spotted Frogs and Toads in Cambridgeshire?

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre (CPERC) are seeking participants for their Recording Wildlife Near You project, and Froglife is, as always, on the lookout for volunteers to help toads across roads.

Have you spotted Common toads, like this beautiful animal?

“There is currently a lack of recorded wildlife data, particularly in East Peterborough and North and East Cambridgeshire, which is why we need your help,” explains Jane Andrews-Gauvain, Biodiversity Outreach Officer at CPERC. “We’re looking for people who want to learn about and record wildlife in their area, particularly protected and non-native species. You don’t need to give up lots of your spare time, we value any opportunity you can take to get out and tell us about what you see.”

CPERC hope to start with recording amphibian species in association with Froglife’s Toads on Roads project. There are currently 15 registered toad crossings in Cambridgeshire but what is actually happening at each site isn’t always clear.

“Amphibians can be very particular about where they breed, especially toads,” adds Sam Taylor, Froglife’s Communications Coordinator. “At these toad crossings hundreds of animals can be killed every year as they try to reach their pond. Some sites are lucky enough to have an active volunteer Patrol helping the toads across, but not all of them do. If there’s no Patrol we have no way of knowing if there are still toads in the area.”

Both organisations need people in the region to act as our eyes and ears, looking for amphibians and sharing what they find going on in their local patch.

Jane continues, “Whether a keen walker, angler, or just a person who enjoys spotting wildlife in your garden, we want to hear from you! The time you take enjoying wildlife can be transformed into conservation action if you let us know what you see. Equally we would love to hear from any landowner who would be happy to allow people to record wildlife on their land, even if they do not wish to survey themselves.”

• If you would like to know more abou the Recording Wildilfe Near You project, please get in touch with Jane Andrews-Gauvain, on 01954 713572 or Jane.Andrews-Gauvain@cperc.org.uk 
•  If you’re not in Cambridgeshire, all local Environmental Records Centres are interested in new records. You can look up the details of your local office and update them with your sightings.  There are recording hints and tips from CPERC here.
•  If you would like to know more about Toads on Roads and how to help, the locations of the Cambridgeshire toad crossings can be found on the Froglife website  - find your nearest Patrol and we can put you in touch.  If you know of a toad crossing that is not on the website please let us know.

Photo: Oliver Kratz

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