18 May 2012

Froglife’s Spring Magazine: Climate Change

Froglife’s biannual magazine Natterchat is out and the theme this spring/summer is climate change. What effect does the climate have on amphibians and reptiles? What can we do to help them survive? These are tricky questions to answer, particularly in the recent confusion about climate change research.

Natterchat features news on some of the latest conservation research, including Anna Muir’s PhD with the University of Glasgow looking into Common frogs and climate. Dr Viorel D. Popescu from the University of California also fills us in of the story of the Mink frog in America, and some helpful beavers!

The spring/summer edition of Froglife's magazine Natterchat
Barbara Dinham, formerly of the Pesticide Action Network UK, gives tips on what you can do to help at home and there is also a review of ‘The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars’ - a book putting a climate scientist's point of view in the climategate scandal of 2009 by Michael E. Mann.

We are also delighted to announce in Natterchat that we have a new Patron: BBC One Show’s Mike Dilger! Mike is a naturalist and broadcaster with a passion for amphibians, reptiles and conservation education. You’ll be hearing more from him soon.

- You can find Natterchat online at the Froglife website here.

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Cover photo: Dr Victoria Ogilvy

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