24 August 2012

Thank you for a great year!

Froglife’s Annual Review for April 2012-March 2013 is hot off the press, and we’re really excited about all that we achieved. We’d like to thank our amazing supporters, donors, grant makers, volunteers and everyone who has been involved in our work for making it possible.

Froglife is committed to making an on-the-ground difference for amphibians and reptiles through improving habitats, working with volunteers and introducing new audiences to these incredible animals.
Froglife's photo album style annual review for 2011-12
A full version of the Annual Review is available to download at the Froglife website here.
And here’s a summary of what Froglife got up to in a busy year....

• 61 new ponds were created
• 46 ponds restored to their former glory
• 32 terrestrial habitats were improved for amphibians, reptiles and other wildlife
• 44 wildlife surveys were undertaken
• 164 hours of surveying completed in Scotland alone, leading to 432 new amphibian records
• 304 volunteers have worked with us achieving great things for wildlife
• One super volunteer undertook over 300 hours of volunteering through the Wildlife Ambassadors project. Ash Jarvis helped create habitats and encouraged others to learn about amazing amphibians and reptiles
• Hard working Toad Patroller volunteers completed a fantastic 1,085 nights of Toad Patrolling
• 775 people directly benefitted from our educational work and activities
• We ran 171 talks and training sessions
• Young offenders in Peterborough completed 1,290 hours of reparation with us, giving back to the community and managing wildlife habitats
• We had 49,707 website hits
• 2,000+ people followed us on Twitter
• 1,000+ people liked us on Facebook
• We released 112 Croaks and 69 press releases

Scrapes created at Windlaw Marsh
The Annual Review also includes a summary of our accounts. Through Froglife Ltd, our trading arm, our charitable work benefitted from an income of £55,703. We spent £382.462 of our overall income (including donations and grants) directly on practical conservation for amphibians and reptiles, and £178, 276 on training, education and awareness raising through our project work. Despite tricky financial times, we were left with a small reserve fund at the end of the year – vital for helping keep Froglife going as many of our projects are funded in arrears.

All in all it was a great year. We are really excited about what we’ve already achieved in 2012, and about what’s to come!

Read the full annual review online as a PDF here
• You can become part of our mission through making a donation or helping out as a volunteer.
There is more information about all of our projects on our website here

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