30 October 2012

Wildlife-Friendly Bonfires

It’s getting to that time of year when big piles of wood - perfect for homes for newts and other hibernating creatures - stand a good chance of being set alight. Here with a humorous look at a serious issue, Froglife’s Rebecca Neal shares some top tips on being wildlife-friendly with your bonfire.

Avoid chargrilled wildlife this bonfire season
“Roasted noot, roasted noot!, Get choor char-grilled toads‘ere! ‘edgehogs! burnt ‘edgehogs! Get ‘em while their ‘ot!"

Admit it; you were planning to make a bit of money on the side at your bonfire party by selling BBQ’d garden animals weren’t you?
Well, now I have given the game away you will need to convince your neighbours that you are not the cute-animal-murdering type by making it very obvious you are taking these basic steps to protect any hibernating amphibians or mammals from a fiery end:
Well, I hope this advice means you enjoy a baked-animal-free bonfire night!

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