7 November 2012

Announcing the Great Crafted Newt Winners!

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, Froglife has been asking people to make their own ‘water dragons’ in our Great Crafted Newt competition.  As the nights draw in and the newt find their spot for the winter, its time to announce the winners!

“The competition has been a great way of reaching new audiences,’ says Laura Brady, one of the education team at Froglife.  “It’s been fantastic having cuddly newts arriving in the post and colourful pictures coming in via email. You can really see the time and hard work people have put into their creations, and they all have their own characters.  Thank you everyone that entered - I hope they enjoyed making the newts and leaning more about these fantastic creatures.”

We had some help with the judging from author Hugh Warwick, artist Brandon Ballangee, Pebble toys and Mint Publishing, and we are delighted to announce the winners.

Best Newt Accessory - Katherine Forster for her amazing multi functional newt hat, the little newt on top can sit either in the pond hat, or as a lovely brooch!

The Model Newt under 12’s – Ifan Jones, aged 5. Ifan made a fantastic plastercine newt, which he took for a walk and took some amazing photos! When his mum told him he won the competition she said, ‘ Ifan was delighted to hear he had won and it has inspired him to even more craftiness (we may need a new house soon to find room for it all) his latest creation is an A1 picture showing the adventures of newty and his side kick tadpole’ I think we have a great artist in the making here!

Cutest Newt under 12’s – Ifan Biddle also won in this category; as our youngest entry it’s great to see what passion he has for wildlife.

The Model Newt over 18’s – Lynette Plenderleith, who created "Bert Newt(on)" . He is made from modelling clay, and had a very exotic photo shoot all the way in Rocky Waterhole Creek in Brisbane, Australia!

Cuddly Newt under 12’s - Rosanna Russell, aged 11. Rosanna took some lovely photos of her newt in her garden and with a little help from her mum made this lovely newt from fabric, sequins, buttons, stuffing and beads.

Cuddly Newt over 18’s – Anne Johnson. Anne made her beautiful newt by using two balls of wool together to give a close weave, and she embroidered the eyes and mouth on. Anne often knits for charity, and judges Pebble were so impressed, they are looking into possibly creating a replica for their range of ethical toys.

Cutest Newt over 18’s - Anne McKinnie. Her wonderful knitted newt is now being much enjoyed by her 18 month old daughter, which is great to hear!

Most interesting Photo – Dr Sara Collins for ‘Camouflage Newt’. Mint publishing chose this photo of Norman the newt as their favourite photo. After taking Norman on a road trip to their offices they are now looking into possibly using him in a photo for their card range!

A big thank you to everyone who took part, the judges and the orgnisations who supported the competition for helping us to raise the profile of these declining amphibians.  There are three species of native newts in the UK, with Great Crested Newts protected due to particularly bad declines.

Prizes include goodies thanks to Cath Kidston, books by Hugh Warwick and our Patron Mike Dilger, and amphibian related gifts.  Sara’s newts Neville and Norman also feature on Froglife’s Christmas cards for 2012, with the potential to be made into cards by Mint Publishing.  Anne Johnson’s multicoloured newt is also be considered as a new toy in Pebble’s ethical range of crocheted creatures.

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