14 January 2013

Froglife in Glasgow with Sir John Lister Kaye

Froglife is very pleased to be starting the year with a bang with the first of our My Wild Life film screenings at the Glasgow Science Centre on Wednesday 16th of January.

The innovative project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has been running intergenerational events to gather memories about early encounters with wildlife and the great outdoors.  Using beautiful picnic baskets packed with memory laden items such as thermos flasks, ID guides, binoculars and snake skins, the project team and volunteers have been bringing older and younger people together to compare and contrast childhood experiences.
Pic-nics, walks and stories - all memories shared during the My Wild Life project
“We have heard some wonderful stories about collecting frogspawn, making fishing nets from tights and getting muddy,” explains project officer Jodie Coomber.  “Analysis of all the memories we’ve collected highlights how important free access to wild spaces is for young people, and how much amphibians and reptiles feature in happy encounters with nature.  It’s another reason to fight for the conservation of the animals and their habitats – their importance in our culture, as well as our landscapes.”
The first event showing a film featuring interviews from the project is hosted by Sir John Lister Kaye, taking a break from filming BBC WinterWatch at the Aigas Field Centre to join us, along with Froglife trustee Professor Roger Downie.   Sir John has written about his own concerns regarding access to wildlife by young people and will be sharing his thoughts.
On the night, we will also be launching Scottish Dragon Finder, and looking for partners to get involved in this exciting programme across the country.  The development phase of Froglife’s Scottish Dragon Finder has now started, also supported by a development grant from HLF. Scottish Dragon Finder will work across the whole of Scotland and during the development phase Froglife is looking for potential partners for the project, including schools, venues and other organisations. Froglife have eight months to develop this project and if successful, the main project will be ready to start in October 2013.

Photo: Jodie Coomber

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