22 January 2013

Froglife in London with Hugh Warwick

We are off to our final event in our run of three in London on Friday 25th of January.  With Professor Roger Downie and Sir John Lister Kaye joining us in Glasgow, and a brave turnout in the snow on Monday in Peterborough (despite Mike Dilger being snowed in!) Friday’s event will feature another screening of Froglife’s My Wild Life film of interviews about childhood and nature, as well as the formal launch of London Dragon Finder.

Our guest speaker for the event will be nature writer HughWarwick, sharing his own encounters with wildlife and thoughts on inspiring new conservationists.  Dr Victoria Ogilvy, project manager for London Dragon Finder, will be giving a sneak preview of the new app and website for the project, as well as explaining to partners all the different ways they can get involved.

“This is a really exciting time for Froglife,” commented Vicky.  “Through London Dragon Finder we will be carrying out vital on-the-ground conservation work on a massive scale and over a number of years, which is great news for amphibians and reptiles in the city.”

Both projects have been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Froglife were awarded a £472,500 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund back in June for Dragon Finder and have recently been awarded co-funding grants from City Bridge Trust (£77,000), Biffa Award (£50,000) and Cory Environmental Trust (£17,000).  The project will include habitat creation and management, surveys and a programme of fun events.

“Even though London’s ‘Dragons’ are not really fire breathers, we want everyone who takes part in the Dragon Finder Project to leave with a fire in their belly for the wonderful amphibians and reptiles that can be found in the City!” adds Vicky.

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