19 August 2010

Come and say hello to Froglife at Bird Fair!

We are off to Rutland Water for the annual British Birdwatching fair from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd of August. Froglifers will be on hand, promoting our new Tuppence a Toad campaign and sharing wildlife tips.

We will also be showing off some of our new merchandise, which includes a gorgeous green version of our popular ‘Make frogspawn not war’ cotton bag (pictured right)! We also have car air fresheners and fridge magnets to help raise funds for the Tuppence a Toad campaign. These will be available from our website soon. We are raising funds to help save more toads from death on the roads – more information about the campaign is available here.

You can also sign up at Bird Fair as a Froglife Friend for a discount rate and buy tickets to the launch of the campaign on October 1st.

Bird Fair is a brilliant chance for us to talk to passionate nature enthusiasts, and remind us all of the habitats and food chains that interconnect wild species. A lot of Froglife’s direct conservation work benefits birds, invertebrates and mammals, and vice versa.

We have had some great wildlife spots this season on Hampton Nature Reserve, which is managed primarily for great crested newts and bearded stonewort. Our Reserve Warden Paul was really excited to spot silver wash fritillary butterflies for the first time on the site, and the volunteer surveyors have confirmed a healthy population of purple hairstreak (pictured right by Nick Peers). A volunteer group also watched in amazement as a hobby caught a dragonfly on the wing!
We will be organising visits to Hampton, or to one of the sites we’re working on in London or Glasgow, for Froglife Friends to come and see some great habitats and wildlife.
We are really looking forward to sharing our reptile and amphibian friendly messages at Bird Fair. So, if you are attending do come and say hello!

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Anonymous said...

'hobby caught a dragonfly on the wing'

I'd have loved to have seen that!!!!