9 August 2010

Can you draw a toad to help save these animals?

Froglife is launching a competition for artists, designers and illustrators to create artwork for notelets with the aim of raising money to rescue toads.

The competition will help raise funds for our Tuppence a Toad campaign to help save toads from death or injury on roads. More information about the campaign and the special launch event in October is available here.

Froglife is asking people with a creative streak to donate artwork featuring toads so that we can create a pack of colourful notelets to sell in our Frogalogue, with all profits going into the Tuppence a Toad pot. A full brief, including how to submit your artwork, is available to download here.

The deadline for artwork is the Wednesday 1st September, and the top 8 designs will be chosen by Froglife staff to go into print. We will happily add contact or promotional details about the artists on the back of the card and on our website, and send copies of the finished cards for portfolios.

Shy, secretive and well camouflaged, toads are not the showiest of animals, but they are charismatic and beautiful in their own quiet way. Toad-inspired images could be life-like or funky, conceptual or minimalist, so long as they celebrate the unique and quirky character of these special little animals.

Good luck!

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