6 August 2010

Pyjama Party Launch for Campaign to Save Toads

Froglife is launching a year long mission to raise money and awareness about the thousands of toads that die on roads every year. Focussing on the big difference that can be made through collecting small change, the Tuppence a Toad campaign launches with Tucking in the Toads on Friday 1st October - a bedtime-themed event to wave the toads goodbye as they hibernate over winter.

Toads (Bufo bufo) are small, secretive amphibians with golden eyes and are facing large declines. Thousands are killed on roads as they return to their favourite breeding ponds every spring. Toads on Roads volunteers saved over 50,000 toads in 2010, but thousands of toads are dying where there are no volunteers to take them to safety.

“Toad Patrollers are dedicated volunteers going out at night to carry toads across roads in buckets,” explains Sam Taylor from Froglife. “Having supported Toads on Roads for over 25 years, we wanted to make a big push to stop the problem,” says Sam. “Through Tuppence a Toad we’re highlighting the difference people can make when we all work together. If everyone gave just tuppence, we could do so much to help these animals!”
Tuppence a Toad launches in October 2010 and promises to be Froglife’s biggest campaign to date aiming to give Toads on Roads a boost with extra funding, research and awareness raising activities. The Tuppence a Toad campaign asks people to give their small change to help achieve this vital work to protect toads.

“This is going to be a fun campaign to raise awareness of a serious issue, and we would love people to get involved. The Tucking in the Toads launch event in October comes as toads head off to sleep for the winter,” explains Sam. “Anyone interested can come along and celebrate the lifecycle of these endearing creatures, and find out more about what we can all do to help them.”
Tucking in the Toads will be held on Friday 1st October 2010 at the Orton Hall Hotel, Peterborough. This event will include short films, guest speakers and bedtime-themed refreshments including hot chocolate and cookies! Toad Patrollers, toad lovers and general Froglife fans will be there to celebrate the work of volunteers, and reveal more about this campaign to give toads a helping hand into the future.

The event will be free for Froglife Friends and Toad Patrollers, and £5 for other guests. Further information and tickets are available from the office on 01733 558844.

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