7 February 2011

Bid on Bagpuss artwork in Froglife auction!

Bagpuss creator Peter Firmin has donated an original watercolour featuring the pink stripy cat and Gabriel the Toad for our Evening at Toad Hall auction. Peter received a Newt Year Honour for his creation of the handsome toad character, and in a charming thank you letter offered support for the gala; he also shared stories about Gabriel’s creation and his experiences with amphibians in his own pond.

The gorgeous original watercolour, on Somerset paper, features Gabriel playing his banjo to Professor Yaffle and Bagpuss. Pressure will be on auctioneer snooker-superstar Willie Thorne to manage the bids for the piece to help support Gabriel’s fellow toads. The evening will be hosted by wildlife lover Mike Dilger on Saturday 2nd April 2011.

You can join us to bid for this or other great auction items (including a frog spotting trip to South Africa, original jewellery, a mini break in Wales, a hair cut at a top London salon and other goodies) by joining us for An Evening at Toad Hall on 2nd April.

Tickets start at £20 and can be booked via our website here, by calling the office on 01733 558844 or by emailing tina.lindsay@froglife.org

Here’s to a great night in honour of Gabriel and friends!

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Anonymous said...

Thats a fantastic auction! Well done