3 February 2011

Kathy and Amy’s big swim for toads!

Froglife CEO Kathy Wormald and young volunteer Amy Hamlett will be swimming 6,000 metres for the Tuppence a Toad campaign! The campaign aims to raise small change to make a difference for these little amphibains, who are killed in their thousands trying to cross roads towards their breeding ponds every spring. Lucky toads are saved by Toad Patrol volunteers carrying them to safety – over 70,000 toads were rescued in 2010. Froglife’s camapign aims to save more toads and better support these important volunteers.

Kathy and Amy will be swimming 3,000 metres each to make the 6K total - approximately how long the line of toads saved in 2010 would be if they sat end to end! The swim will take place on Monday 21st February at Stanground School near Peterborough.

The ladies are looking forward to their challenge, although they are perhaps a little nervous. “I do swim regularly, but I certainly never swim anywhere near the 166 lengths required for this sponsored swim,” said Kathy. “Actually the most lengths I have managed so far is 50! I’m looking forward to a well earned hot shower and a glass of wine when I finish!”

Amy, daughter of Froglife’s finance guru Melanie, didn’t take much persuading to swim for toads! Swimming has always been a real passion for the 12 year old, who currently swims around three hours a week in and out of school. “I am really looking forward to it and I’m really pleased that I can do something I love to help toads,” said Amy.

Kathy explains why such efforts are important: “Froglife is very successful at fundraising for specific projects but it is always difficult to fundraise for our day to day activities such as providing all those dedicated toad patrollers with sufficient advice and support.”

“We also manage a very busy information service which becomes particularly hectic over the Spring/Summer months hence requiring considerable staff time,” Kathy adds. “We are therefore always looking for ways in which we can fundraise in order to continue offering these services.”

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Kermit said...

What a great thought by Kathy, I wish her luck from Australia. Neil.