11 July 2011

Share Your Urban Tails

Froglife has recently launched a brand new publication aimed at helping people discover more about reptiles and amphibians in urban environments. Urban Tails features tips on where and when to look and how to identify the different species.

Our new Urban Tails booklet
There are two editions of Urban Tails to choose from – one covering the whole of the UK and one covering Scotland, which is home to fewer species.

Can you tell the difference between a frog and a toad? How about a grass snake and an adder? The informative ID section can help you confidently identify the species you might spot in your garden, on your allotment or at your local nature reserve. There are plenty of colour photos and the booklet is beautifully illustrated by our resident artist, and Deputy CEO, Sam Taylor.

A perfect companion for summer-holiday exploring or gardening, the Urban Tails booklet also provides plenty of inspiration for making your own green space more frog-friendly and a reptile-refuge.

You can also find all the information can be found on our website, where you can share your own Urban Tail in order help inspire others.
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