15 July 2011

YOUR Public Engagement Officer

Thanks to funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Froglife has recruited two new posts to help develop our conservation work and engagement with people. First to start is our new Public Engagement Officer, Liam Atherton. Liam was previously part of our Scotland team, where he was helping create new ponds and working with volunteers to manage habitats.
Liam at work in North Lanarkshire
Having been based in our Peterborough Office for two weeks so far, Liam will be making contact with volunteers and Froglife Friends, Toad Patrollers, people who have helped with our frog disease research, and anyone else he can find to talk to about Froglife’s work!

Liam, it’s over to you say hello....

“In my experience, people that really enjoy talking about themselves are often the people least worth listening to! So although I now find myself in that very position, it really is all about YOU.

I want to hear from all of our supporters, Friends and Croak readers! Please take the time to tell me what you are up to, where you are getting up to it, and how we can help each other in the name of amphibians and reptiles!

So, If you are digging a pond, let me know how you got on; if you carried a toad across a road, I want to know whether he stopped to thank you afterwards! If you have had an outbreak of disease in your garden, how are the frogs getting on now? If you use our website or Information Service, what do you think, and is there anything else you’d like to know?

I will be working with the Communications Team, keeping everyone updated on the very latest at Froglife, and getting out and about to help support all the people out there who give up your time to help us protect our native species and their habitats. I will also be making sure you never hit a dead end when you want to get more involved with our work. I’ll be going out and about giving talks, visiting sites and groups and popping along to events, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet face-to-face for a chat.

At Froglife, our conservation efforts are based on the core belief that “everyone is invited”: I am here to make sure you all get your invites!

If you’d like to say hello, you can:
  • Find me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ look for Liam ‘Froglife’ Atherton and become a Friend
  • Drop me an email to liam.atherton@froglife.org
  • Just give me a call on 01733 558844 or 07772 318961
  • Write to me at the office: Froglife, 2a Flag Business Exchange, Vicarage Farm Road, Peterborough, PE1 5TX
  • You could also join the Froglife Friends walk on Saturday 23rd July at Hampton Nature Reserve in Peterborough - get in touch with me if you’d like to book a place to come along and meet me and Reserve Warden, Paul.”
 Froglife's new Conservation Coordinator will be starting later in the year, so these are exciting times for us, and for reptiles and amphibians!

You can support our work conserving reptiles and amphibians and reptiles for as little as £1.50 a month. Sign up as a Froglife Friend and help save species and habitats here.

Photo: Eilidh Spence

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