1 September 2011

Toadally Awesome Raffle at Our ZSL Event!

Froglife has some more exciting news about our Tuppence a Toad: Tales from UK Toad Conservation and Beyond event with the Zoological Society of London on Friday 30th September. Not only will Mike Dilger from the One Show and Bagpuss creator Peter Firmin be joining us, we’ve also got some great prizes for our ‘note in an envelope’ raffle.

Guests will be invited to place a donation in an envelope to be entered in our prize draw which so far includes the following prizes:

• A voucher for a pair of tall original wellies from hunter worth around £80 from www.hunter-boot.com
• A box of amphibian themed learning goodies from Insectlore worth around £40 from http://www.insectlore-europe.com/default.asp
• Prints by Toadographer Dennis Low of the Larkin with Toads event http://www.larkin25.co.uk/larkin-with-toads.php
• Books and DVDs featuring some of the characters from our toad exhibition, including illustrated copies of The Wind in the Willows

All of the prizes have been kindly donated and the funds raised on the night will be split between Froglife and ZSL to go towards amphibian conservation projects.

Mike will chair talks from the frontlines of amphibian conservation exploring the global extinction crisis, Toads on Roads, ZSL’s conservation work and their EDGE project.
Tuppences to save toads
The important details:
Tuppence a Toad: Tales from UK Toad Conservation and Beyond
Friday September 30th
The Huxley Theatre, London Zoo, Regents Park, London, NW14RY
Doors open at 6pm with time to buy drinks and mingle
Talks starting at 7pm
Peter Firmin: The inspiration behind the creation of Gabriel, the banjo playing toad from the Bagpuss series
From Froglife: Trustee Dr Roger Downie and DCEO Sam Taylor covering Toads on Roads and the context of the global amphibian extinction crisis
From ZSL: Peter Minting on ZSL’s amphibian conservation work and Helen Meredith on the EDGE project at ZSL
Wrapping up at 10pm
Tickets: £8.50 or £5 for Froglife Friends and ZSL members

You can book your tickets here
You can find out more about and donate to the Tuppence a Toad campaign to save more toads here
More information about ZSL's EDGE project is available here

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